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How To Exponentially Profit From The Speed of the Internet

“How fast can you do it?” “At the speed of the Internet. Digital swashbucklers (like us Netslingers) do it all the time,” I said. “Then be ready tonight. My EA will text you the details,” Kevin said.

11:06pm. I'm awaiting my ride. A Cadillac Escalade pulls up to my driveway to pick me up. I'm shuttled in and taken to the far side of the airport. Somewhere I've been before, yet it is unfamiliar to most travelers. The pilot and co-pilot await me. They introduce themselves, as we walk toward the chartered Gulfstream G450.

“What, no customs?” I ask, as I'm about to be flown to SFO (San Francisco's Silicon Valley) from YYZ (Toronto). “We'll radio them from the plane. You don't have anything of value with you, do you?” the pilot asks. “Nah, I'm good,” I retorted.

At 2:01am we land. The night air is crisp. I have time to sleep for about four more hours before my breakfast meeting with Kevin. Instead, I prepare. With blueprint in hand, I map out Kevin's idea from analog to digital; from thoughts to power. This has never been done before. I can see why. Its simplicity is understated. If you were told a truth as a young boy, you'd often understand. But as adults, we've learned so much “stuff” that we'd have to unlearn what we perceive to be true just to “get it.”

Perhaps my lucidity (from lack of sleep) is my ally right now.

While I cannot divulge what happens next, I can share with you the foundational steps to take your business to the next level. Digitally speaking, of course.

How fast can you launch a digital business (or arm for your company), creating your own digital currency printing press? That's what we're talking about here.

What if I told you it's possible to earn a cool $1 million an hour. In one scenario it took us actually 63 minutes . . . just a hair longer. In a slightly different scenario, we did it in the first 44 minutes. Not bad, considering it was a brand new idea.

Now, let me be clear . . . I'm not promising or guaranteeing you'll see that kind of result. I'm just showing you what's possible from our past successes.

This is not fiction but fact. Look at these recent facts, for instance . . .

  • E-commerce sales in 2015 topped $1.67 trillion worldwide (another record high year over year)
  • Google and Facebook have been investing billions in ubiquitous cell and Internet coverage around the Earth by buying up satellite and robotics companies
  • Facebook has legitimized Virtual Reality with its $2 billion purchase of Oculus Rift, which is here now, and exponentially growing
  • The rise of commercial drones make companies like Amazon's Prime Air service offer 30-minute drop-shipping an option for its customers
  • Today's high school, college and university graduates were born into the Internet . . . it's in their blood
  • The Sharing Revolution is just getting started with the likes of Uber, Facebook, and YouTube

This is all to say: “you ain't seen nuthin' yet”

See this graphic below?

Offers a different perspective doesn't it? It also raises a few questions. Like . . .

How can I be part of this revolution?
Do I need to hire Millennials?
How much will it cost me?

Short answers:
In countless ways.
Counting the cost is the wrong mindset. It's an investment with an extreme ROI.

When I first started online, there was no world wide web yet. The revolution was just getting warmed up like a campfire in the desert. CompuServe, Prodigy and BBS's were my friends. Using a simple two-step marketing system, I successfully navigated from digital to analog, from the online world to the physical world of goods and services and ended up with subscribers to my fledgling newsletter in six countries fairly quickly. That was 1993-94.

After taking a break from the online world, and getting a taste of international investment banking from 1996-2001, I escaped the dot com bust, produced my first feature-length action-comedy movie and restarted my online ventures, as I witnessed the Internet mature somewhat.

You see, what frustrated me in the early pioneering days of the 'Net was the snail's pace of speed. I guess I was spoiled from watching all those Star Trek episodes and Star Wars movies, expecting high-tech to catch up faster.

2006 arrived. As an apprentice to an accredited Internet millionaire, my role was to develop online videos to drive traffic to my mentor's websites. This is where my real Jedi training began, as I had access to everything I needed to succeed. Courses were bought for me. Weekly accountability was the norm. Results were expected.

Now, as an apprentice, I was unpaid. But the specialized knowledge and connections I made were invaluable. And here is where I discovered the bigger picture of the online marketing world. It's really about two things . . .

Content and Connection

This is how a company like YouTube gets gobbled up by Google for $1.65 billion dollars during my apprenticeship. They had both user-generated content, which created a connection with their friends and family that became an explosive combination.

Facebook is all about content and connection. Knowingly or not, Mark Zuckerberg tapped into the formula for extraordinary success online. Uber is all about connection and service (instead of content). Travis Kalanick and Garrett Cam created a very profitable bridge between the online and bricks-and-mortar worlds . . . or transportation industry, to be more accurate.

As seen above, Uber, Facebook, Alibaba, Airbnb, and many others, are leading the Sharing Revolution, making connections both locally and globally.

Here's my point . . . In 2016, it's now easier than ever to generate content of any kind, deepen the connection with your audience, and offer enormous value in the process.

But we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg, since what's coming up is both disruptive and explosive.

Looking forward to the next five years, you're either online or offline; you're either exceedingly profitable or dancing on the edge of the bankruptcy cliff. When world-renowned economist and nine-time best selling author, Paul Zane Pilzer, talks of 50% of the current jobs being eliminated over the next 5-10 years, change like we haven't seen in the past 50 years, therein lies both the opportunity and crisis arm-in-arm.

What do I mean?

Think of an island we'll call Belle Isle. Only 10 people inhabit this island. For food, they all go fishing. They catch enough food to last them days at a time. Two of the ten figure out how to build a net (better technology). These two now catch more than enough food to feed the whole island. Their society has a problem now. Eight are now out of work, but the economy is booming. Society is richer, while unemployment is at 80%. What's the 80% going to do now?

In essence, society has become freer. Freedom to do other, more productive things like study health and nutrition, build better homes, teach their children . . .

For those who are prepared for the coming disruption, the news is great. Not so for the unprepared.

The same technology that will displace millions of jobs, will also create new ones. The question is, are you or your company ready for the change?

The $3,000 Espresso Machine

Customer walks into a Starbucks shop. Spends $1.85 for a “tall” coffee of the day. Knowing their stats, Starbucks knows that at least one in a thousand customers “wants” to spend $537 at Starbucks today. How do they do that? Buy 240 lattes?

No. She buys three lattes, two lemon cakes, and one espresso machine for $275. She's in the top 20% of customers. What about the top 1%?

On Starbucks' website you can buy an espresso machine for $2,999.95. It's 45 pounds of stainless steel pleasure-making coffee, delivered right to your door. It's right beside the one for $1,295, which is next to the one for a paltry $275.

With more than a 10x difference between the first and last espresso machine, it's no accident that they're featured on the same webpage.

What am I saying?

Two things . . .

  1. It takes the same effort to sell a $100 item, as with a $1,000 item.
  2. With a little imagination and some technology, you can increase your business substantially.

Where do you start?

The Art of Digital Swordplay:
Cut, Thrust, Riposte

Any world-class champion will tell you there are only a few things you must master. In the world of digital marketing, these are the musts:

  1. CUT through the clutter with copy.
  2. Gather your tribe (customers, clients, patients) and have them THRUST toward you.
  3. Then engage them with a RIPOSTE each day, as you build your fan base.

That's really it in a nutshell.

Let me clarify . . .

1. CUT through the clutter with Copy.
This is COPYWRITING. Your irresistible offer, your product or service or program. This is the way you sell your offer. On the Internet it's your message, your communication that leads a potential customer, client or patient, to take an action that you want them to . . . for their own well-being. When done right, this may even literally save their life.

This can be in the form of text, video, audio, or all forms combined.

The art here is to CUT through the clutter, stand out, interrupt their daily routine by appealing to their deepest desires with the right message, on the right medium.

In fact, not long ago I interviewed "The $100 Million Dollar Man" - Ray Edwards. Who is Ray? He's the best teacher of Copywriting I know! How good is he? His clients have earned over $100 million from sales using his talent. In fact, he doesn't even take on any new clients anymore, unless it's something unusually exceptional.

And since the time I interviewed him his rates have gone up 10-fold! However, since you're here, if you are serious about learning the essence of copywriting . . . (What it is; three LEVERAGE points of all sales copy that most people ignore that gives you the most potential for extraordinary sales; Seven Core Principles of writing copy that sells…)

If interested in this exclusive interview, "contact us" below and we'll send it right to ya!

Others have paid hundreds (even thousands) of dollars for this, as it was part of an online money series I conducted.

How relevant is it today? As Ray points out, great copywriting has timeless principles that you will always use. It's free. No strings. My gift to you today, just for reading this far.

2. Gather your tribe (customers, clients, patients) and have them THRUST toward you.
This is TRAFFIC. What good is a store without customers, foot traffic, coming in and buying something, whether it be online or just around the corner?

No Traffic = No Sales

The art here is to have traffic THRUST toward you, instead of you chasing or hunting it down. Let them come to you. First choose a source: Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube Ads, Email Marketing, SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Articles, Adwords, Affiliates . . .

In a nutshell, you can BUY traffic, WORK for it, or BORROW it. (Let us know if you'd like this one page graphic.)

Second (and this is the big trick), choose the most lucrative source for your specific business. It's not always obvious. We're finding Media Buying works well for Health & Nutrition products and services, as well as Fashion outlets. But not so much for Health Practitioners. However, Adwords are doing superbly well for Doctors, Lawyers, Cosmetic Surgeons, and Chiropractors. Contrary to most marketing firms, SEO would be their last choice.

3. Then engage them with a RIPOSTE each day, as you build your fan base.
What was The Beatles greatest asset? Paul McCartney said, “John and I literally used to sit down and say, 'Now, let's write a swimming pool.'” How could they do that? Their greatest asset was their fanbase, their list, their buyers of music and merchandise.

In the digital marketplace, your greatest asset is your LISTBUILDING efforts to enlarge your tribe.

Think of a store owner. You have people walking in and out all day long. They're just visiting. Unless you capture their attention, they'll walk out, and probably never come back. Maybe they didn't find what they were looking for that day, but because you're friendly and genuinely interested in helping them, you ask them for their First Name and Email Address to sign-up for your newsletter or special offers, only available online.

Why is this important? Because now you have the power to follow-up with them on a regular basis, for as long as they wish to receive your messages, special offers, pertinent information, alerts, and more.

What you're doing is building a relationship with your list, your people, your tribe.

How do you do this? RIPOSTE. Engage them as often as you can. Email them. Put up a blog post. Socialize. Retarget. Segment. Custom audience. i.e. communicate with them on a regular basis.

One of the largest private publishing houses I know of, sends out two emails every day of the week to their list. Too excessive? They've perfected the art of riposting. Their annual revenues have exceeded $500M for a number of years now. And they are continuously growing.

Let me put it this way . . .

What do all these companies have in common, apart from stellar success?

You must either sign-up, login or register to be part of their community, their tribe. That's listbuilding. That is what gives you the opportunity to engage, then ask for the sale. It's part art and part formulaic.

If you remember to Cut, Thrust and Riposte, you'll be on your way to higher profits.

If you're looking for incremental change, you've come to the wrong place. Scroll down and see how us Netslingers can work with you or for your company.

Not to worry. Your competition doesn't have to know who your secret weapon is. They will just be scratching their heads wondering how you grew so quickly. It'll be our secret. *smiling*

Warmest regards,
Andy Duncan


If you're looking for incremental change, you've come to the wrong place.


Consult Strategically
and Administer Surgically

As a "secet weapon" to various companies (both large and small) we consult with business owners, CEO's, and Directors of Marketing to provide clear direction and even full-service integration on the digital front, allowing companies to continue concentrating on what they do best, while reaping profits from the digital marketplace. We show businesses how to create an additional stream (often several streams) of profit by targeting the vast pool of interested customers, clients and patients surfing the Internet.

Simply put, we believe in lasting success. One that will outlive you and have greater impact in the world because of your company's existence.

That means systems will be put in place. Automated systems to be sure. From immediate customer acquistion to long-term profits.

And if you're already online, we're here to show you the gaps, the under-utilized, untapped, hidden profit centers right under your nose.

...have greater impact in the world because of your company's existence.


From Education to Implementation, from Corporate to Small Business,
here's a small sample of who our Netslingers team has worked with . . .

We have advised dozens of different industries. From Fortune 500 companies to relationship gurus, real estate investors, and professionals (Lawyers, Surgeons, Dentists) to golfers, teachers, authors and so many more.

Your success is ours.

Testimonials From Small Business Owners

I was impressed with the depth and breadth of Andy's knowledge of how to start from NOTHING and make money. And I mean nothing. He specialized in helping people with zero resources build businesses from scratch, and was able to show me a hundred ways I was "bleeding money" in my online business. Wow! So, when I decided to supplement my professional writing career by seriously building an online business from home, within months, Andy's specific advice helped me more than DOUBLE my internet income. Not a doubt in my mind: this man knows his stuff!

Steven Barnes, NY Times Bestselling Author, Life Coach

You saved our 'internet marketing' life! We owe you big time...the sales for the telecourse have been great! The online sales from Dec 19th - Jan 20th are... round number - $29,500 on the internet in about a month. We were making zero, zilch, nada! before your consulting. Thank you again so much.

Tamera & Michelle, Authors, Real Estate Investors, Trainers, Speakers

For the first time in my business, I ran out of cash. I literally had to use my son's toothfairy money to take him out to dinner one night. So, I called Andy. And within one conversation and one idea, within twenty days, we implemented a coaching took me from (negative) $700 to $5,000 in my bank account. So, it wasn't only his brilliant idea but his belief in me, and his unwillingness to imagine anything else, other than my success, that kept me going during one of the scariest times in my life. He's the real deal. Work with him.

Allana Pratt, Family and Relationship Expert

Recently we approached Andy with a couple of ideas that we thought were pretty cool, but through brainstorming with us, Andy has helped mold our ideas into something much BIGGER and certain to be much more profitable.

From his own personal experiences and expertise, he helped us gain clarity and provided grounding for the roadmap we are currently on. The nuances, tweaks, brainstorming and coaching he gave us on the spot and in the weeks to follow were just what our business needed.

From joint ventures to quick product and cash flow creation, Andy's got the goods! But one thing I appreciated most about Andy is his power to accelerate one of the key factors in a successful business... our speed of implementation.

We are currently working with Andy on a specific product launch and we expect our direct work with Andy to triple our bottom line in the next months.

For anyone considering mentoring with Andy, do it now — you’ll be glad you did. And in the future, YOU will be writing a testimonial of incredible impact it has had on your own business.

Andy, we just wanted to say thanks - thanks a million!

Sheila and Allie, Founders of Expert Summaries & Send Me Solutions

...we're here to show you the gaps, the under-utilized, untapped, hidden profit centers right under your nose.


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